1 Dial Services FZC announces advertising@ AED 1/MONTH

1 Dial Services FZC, Fujairah announced that all of its advertising charges for social media, mobile app, web app, phone,SMS and hoardings will cost just AED 1 Dirham per month.  The announcement was made to honor United Arab Emirates President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan who had earlier declared 2017 as The Year of Giving,

The initiative was also taken up to help al of those small traders, freelancers and others to get a feel of what big business houses do to market themselves. Visibility and increasing revenues has been the aim of the company and with this new initiative the company hopes to bring all business big or small to a different page all together.

The company Managing Director made a statement, “ We want everyone to smile. With a data of 3.3 million, we are now set to create new records this year, cause everyone no matter how small they are will be able to advertise everywhere. They will not need to spend on paper ads, on digital marketing or even phones, cause we will be doing it for them.”

About the company

1 Dial is an UAE company that helps with search services over various communication media like phone, web, mobile, and SMS. They provide the fastest reliable information to buyers at no cost. Connecting the buyers and sellers has been the biggest strength of the company. In a world, where speed matters and information is expected to be made available faster than a snap of a finger, 1 Dial fills in the void. With an advanced scalable technology platform, and a successful operating history 1 Dial’s business model has been able to bridge the smallest vendors to the gigantic business heads to their customers.

1 Dial is led by an energetic team of pioneers with a vision to connect gaps. Their experience and leadership skills has led 1 dial to a pinnacle of success. They aim to be a global leader when it comes to local search services.

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