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1013 research publications on Sustainable Development Goals In 2022, UAE University published 2,324 research papers and obtained 24 patents

UAE University

Al-Ain: The United Arab Emirates University seeks to promote knowledge that strengthens its position as a research-intensive University locally and globally. The university is effectively contributing to scientific research that benefits humanity in general and the local community.

Prof. Ahmed Murad, Associate Provost for Research, said that the United Arab Emirates University is strengthening its connection and interaction with the community, and dedicating its global academic expertise to find appropriate solutions to societal problems. The University is preparing a new generation of researchers and thinkers.

He added, “The university provides a new set of projects and research opportunities every year to support faculty members and students in global topics and projects that include various strategic areas such as: renewable energy, mobility, education, health, information technology, water resources and space discovery.

The overall research outcomes are evaluated by the number of SCOPUS publications within a specific period. Based on the SCOPUS records on January 4, 2023, the United Arab Emirates University produced 2,324 research publications in 2022, including 1,013 publications related to the sustainable development goals. Those publications of 2022 have been cited more than 4,628.

In analyzing the 2022 publications, 10.8% of the papers were in engineering fields, 9.4% were in medicine and health sciences, 7.9% were in computer sciences, and 6.7% of the publications were in social sciences.

Dr. Ahmed Murad also reported that the quality of the research outcomes is evaluated based on the percentage of publications in the top journals. In 2022, 26.9% of the scientific papers were published in the top 10% journals, while 67.3% were published in the top 25 % journals.

In addition, the registered and granted patents constitute one of the most important research outcomes for any academic institution. The United Arab Emirates University has been so far from a total of granted 227 patents. In 2022, 28 new patents were registered, and 24 patents were granted.

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