10,486 CCTV cameras to monitor Sharjah

Sharjah Police’s 50th anniversary celebrations announce ‘Sharjah is a Safe City’ project with advanced surveillance systems

Sharjah: From a one-station police force with 30 members to 25 police stations with more than 8,000 officers, Sharjah Police have grown into one of the most successful police forces in the region.

The police force marked its 50th anniversary on Monday, celebrating the milestone with special activities and the honouring of police founders and former police chiefs.

His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, attended the ceremony and honoured commanders and policemen who have made significant contributions to the force.

During the celebrations, the Sharjah Ruler also inaugurated a project that aims to make Sharjah a safe city with a total of 10,486 cameras operating in the city of Sharjah.

Brigadair Saif Ziri Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police told Gulf News, “The force has made tremendous progress over the years and has contributed greatly to the safe and secure environment enjoyed in the country today.

“This celebration is a way of us saying ‘thank you’ to all those who helped and supported Sharjah Police and cooperated with it.”

Going back in history, Brigadair Al Shamsi spoke of how the police force was established in 1967 with just a few officials to the current status where the department just won several awards for outstanding performance from the government.

“The Sharjah Police has strong foundations,” he said, thanking the visionary leaders for the success of the department.

The celebrations were held under the slogan ‘Fifty years of building leadership and distinction’.

A number of senior police officials as well senior officials from the public department attended the event and lauded the initiatives taken by the Minister of Interior in helping the police find a unique balance between power and efficiency.

He said the police have been able to win the hearts of the public by developing a relation of trust. “Introduction of community policing had a major role in this.”

A book detailing the establishment of Sharjah Police and its phases was released by the Sharjah Ruler earlier this year and he gifted the book to Sharjah Police.

“In July 1, 1967, Sharjah Police began operations with just 30 members including two officers, one of them a foreigner, and three cars but now the force has 25 buildings and more than 8,000 officers in addition to a 100 vehicles.”


“10,486 cameras to monitor Sharjah”

Sharjah: Sharjah Police have completed a 100 per cent installation of high-tech CCTV surveillance cameras in the entire city of Sharjah, officials said, becoming the third police force in the world to implement this advanced surveillance system.

The project ‘Sharjah is a safe city’ was launched on Monday by His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, during the celebrations marking 50 years of Sharjah Police.

Brigadair Saif Ziri Al Shamsi, Commander-in-chief of Sharjah Police, told Gulf News that a total of 10,486 cameras have been installed and all the devices are active.

“In the first stage, 10,486 cameras are being installed, the second and third phase will cover the east and central regions of the emirate,” he said.

The installation began in September 2014 as part of the emirate’s ambitious project titled ‘Sharjah is a safe city’.

Brig Al Shamsi said the police were working with business owners, landlords and hotels to install the new cameras and those who do not cooperate with the authorities will be penalised.

Following the roll-out, the police will have a deeper and wider coverage, improved rapid response, sharper investigation and evidence tracking abilities, as well as increased transparency, said Brig Al Shamsi.

“This collaboration signifies our continued efforts to protect the residents of Sharjah as the city continues to grow and develop. The implementation is key to our ability to monitor and store vast amounts of information that is crucial to safeguarding the security of Sharjah.”

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