2 brothers assaulted policemen who were handcuffing them

Suspects tell court they don’t know their charges and deny assaulting policemen

Dubai: Two brothers have been accused of resisting arrest and assaulting two policemen who were trying to handcuff them following a group fight, heard a court on Monday.

A police patrol was said to have been dispatched to Shaikh Zayed Road after a Filipina reported Dubai Police’s Operation Room about a group fight to have taken place behind a hotel in June.

The Filipina security guard notified the police that a group of men had indulged in a fight at the service road in front of the hotel, according to records, before a policemen went to check the CCTV cameras.

The combatants were found to have been riding three cars before the two policemen stopped one of the identified cars outside and asked the driver [one of the brothers] for the registration and driver licence.

The 21-year-old Emirati man refused to hand over his papers to the policeman, meanwhile his 28-year-old brother stepped out of the vehicle and confronted him.

Records said the 28-year-old tried to prohibit the policeman from checking his brother’s papers and told him that he did not have the right to ask for the papers because they had not done anything wrong.

The brothers then refused to comply with the policeman and also resisted arrest and assaulted the policeman and his partner when they were being handcuffed.

Prosecutors accused the Emirati brothers of resisting arrest and assaulting the policemen.

According to the charges, the brothers and two other suspects who remain at large assaulted the policemen.

When they appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday, they pleaded not guilty and denied the charges.

“We did not do anything illegal … the policeman handcuffed us and kept us restrained in the police car for 90 minutes. We did not know what was our mistake. We were wrongly and unfoundedly apprehended and detained two weeks for doing nothing. He also pointed his gun at my brother. Prosecutors asked us to obtain a waiver from the policemen to release us on bail. We were told that the case would be dropped after we had obtained the waiver … but today we came to court and we don’t know why are we on trial,” argued the 28-year-old brother before presiding judge Habib Awad.

The policeman told prosecutors that the incident happened when he asked one of the suspect to present his papers.

“They refused and assaulted my partner and I … there were four suspects and I had to take out my pistol to keep them afar when they surrounded me. We called for backup after we handcuffed the brothers and put them in the police car. There was a woman high on drugs and others, who were drunk, among those who had been fighting,” he testified to prosecutors.

A ruling will be heard on October 8.

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