2 workers, 2 policemen involved in spa theft

Workers conspire with policemen in staging a theft and then take away Dh14,000 from masseuses

Dubai: Two workers have been accused of conspiring with two policemen in staging a theft inside a massage spa and then stealing around Dh14,000, heard a court on Thursday.

The workers, a 31-year-old Pakistani and a 36-year-old Bangladeshi, were said to have visited a spa at 3am for massage in Al Barsha in September.

As the two workers were greeted at the reception, according to records, one of them went into a room for massage.

Shortly after that, the Pakistani worker accused the spa’s masseuses of stealing his Bangladeshi friend’s money and said he would call the police.

Ten minutes later, someone knocked at the spa’s door and when the masseuse asked who was it, the persons responded ‘police’.

The masseuse answered the door and two policemen walked in and claimed that a theft had been reported at the spa, said records.

The policemen then were believed to have searched all masseuses, who denied stealing the workers’ money.

On being asked to give their money, all masseuses emptied their purses and gave their money to the policemen, who had threatened to take them to the police station.

After the two workers and two policemen left the spa, the Thai masseuses reported the matter to the police.

Primary investigation and on-site examination exposed the involvement of the 31-year-old Pakistani worker, who was apprehended.

Further investigation led to the arrest of the Bangladeshi worker and the two policemen.

Prosecutors charged the four suspects with conspiring together and stealing Dh14,000 from the spa.

According to the accusation sheet, prosecutors said the Pakistani and Bangladeshi suspects conspired with the policemen by posing as massage clients and then staging a theft by pretending that the masseuses had stolen their money.

Then they called the police in a pre-arranged collaboration with the two suspected policemen, who showed up at the spa and pretended to be questioning the masseuses to take their money, said records.

The Pakistani suspect was solely accused of falsely reporting to the police that a drunken man was creating a ruckus in front of the spa.

The four suspects pleaded not guilty before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday.

The trial continues.

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