A government school turns into a “train” to retain students

Teachers’ room painted as engine, three classrooms were designed as train coaches

Hyderabad: In a novel bid to bring down the rate of dropouts and attract new students, a government school in Telangana was remodelled like a train and a railway platform. It was aptly named “Telangana Express”.

The school with its unique look in Veernpally village in Sricilla Rajanna district has become a big hit with the government primary school students as well as their parents.

The school, which falls in the constituency of state’s industries minister K Taraka Rama Rao was remodelled under the corporate social responsibility programme with contribution from various companies.

Naroju Chandu, who designed and painted the school said that while the teachers’ room was painted as the engine, three classrooms were designed as train coaches from outside.

The children who enjoy the school hours as train journey look outside from the windows and wave at the people. “Even their play time is related to the train as they run in a line like the engine and coaches singing a Telugu son “Chhuk Chhuk railu vastundi”.

Students were thrilled by their new surroundings. “I don’t feel like bunking”, said Arun, a third standard student. “I come regularly as my school feels like a railway station and I feel like I am travelling in a train”.

“I painted the school by keeping the photos of the train before me”, Chandu said as per the advice of the minister KTR. The veranda of the school looks like the platform of a railway station. While the Veernapally village schools stands out because of its design, the painter has also painted the buildings of 19 schools and Anganwadis or play schools in different villages of Sricilla.

Even the school head master B Gajan was happy and satisfied as the colourful environment of the school had improved attendance and the students were now more interested in studies and classrooms. “It is a different world altogether. I am thankful to the minister for his interest in our school. I wish every government school becomes like this”, he said.

Sricilla is famous as weavers town for its handloom and powerloom units and was among the under developed pockets of Telangana till a few years ago. It was often in the news for the tragedies like the suicide by the debt ridden farmers.

Veernapally school has emerged as an interesting role model at a time when the state government was pouring money in to development of schools infrastructure and standard of education.

On Sunday KTR tweeted photos of a new and posh residential school at Nerella village in Sricilla. He noted that more than 700 such residential schools have come up in the entire state and the state government was spending Rs120,000 per child per annum in those schools.

“Guess what this is?” he asked while posting the photos of a big and newly built school campus with all the modern facilities.

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