Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery to improve public transportation in Saudi Arabia

One of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals is to ensure high-quality transport services around the country.  Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery has announced a new strategic partnership with Higer Bus, a Chinese bus and coach manufacturer, to support the development of public transportation in Saudi Arabia. The partnership aims to meet rising public demand for safe, accessible transport – a key objective of Saudi Vision 2030.

Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery will offer various types of Higer Bus vehicles to customers in Saudi Arabia, including coaches, city buses, school buses, electric, hybrid and clean energy buses as well as high capacity articulated buses designed to operate in Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT).

In addition, Saudi Vision 2030 aims to increase the number of Hajj pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims from 6.5 to 30 million per year by 2030, while offering the visitors reliable transport solutions. This strategic partnership will also contribute towards this objective and supply buses for pilgrims within Saudi Arabia.

The announcement was marked at an event at Hussein Jameel Hall in Jeddah, attended by officials from the Ministry of Hajj, Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery, Higher Bus, and executives from bus operators in Makkah.

Hassan Jameel, Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel said: “Abdul Latif Jameel is pleased to announce this partnership with Higer Bus. This is another demonstration of our position as an investment partner of choice for international businesses operating in Saudi Arabia and the region. Although this is the first time we have partnered with a bus company, we have achieved a high-quality level of after-sale services in automotive parts and machinery trade over the last seventy years. Combined with our best-in-class support, we will continue our commitment to improving and enhancing our services. The new partnership creates a strong and reliable contribution for Saudi Arabia as it looks to improve its public transportation, while supporting the increase of pilgrims visiting the country.”

M. Arif Chishti, Managing Director of Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery said: “Higer Bus already has a strong presence in Saudi Arabia, providing for 25 per cent of transport of pilgrims on Hajj and Umrah. Due to their international nature and scale, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah’s Naqaba (General Syndicate of Cars) sets out strict regulations for transportation companies, which are met and exceeded by HIGER’s high quality and value vehicles. Together with Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery’s best in class aftersales support, customers will have access to the best value proposition.”

Gary Jiang, General Manager Overseas of Higer Bus Company said: “Established in 1998, HIGER Bus has manufactured more than 250,000 vehicles over the last 20 years. It is the world’s third largest manufacturer of buses, with vehicles exported to 130 countries. HIGER’s partnership with Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery will further strengthen the brand and will provide customers peace of mind.”

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