Abu Dhabi Court to clear minor cases in a day

Abu Dhabi courts will try to resolve most of the minor cases in a day to ensure people a speedy justice

Abu Dhabi: Different sections of Abu Dhabi courts are boosting efforts to clear and resolve most of the minor cases on the docket in a day to ensure speedy judgements.

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department on Sunday launched the One-Day Court for most court sections.

The court intends to resolve cases of tourists in a day who are here for a very short stay, different kinds of violations and minor criminal cases where long-term detention of suspects is an undue physical and security burden; and the cases of road traffic and residency violations.

Last year, the department started one-day court for workers where cases were resolved in a day.

“After successful results of the one-day court for workers, now the department has decided to implement similar one-day court rules across all sections of the court, particularly in minor cases, where required evidences and both disputing parties are available in the court,” said Counsellor Mohammad Al Shibli, Director of Prosecutions Department at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

The prosecution and the criminal courts resolved 2,443 cases in a day last year and we hope to look into more such cases this year too, he said.

“Whereas the financial disputes are concerned, if the amount is below Dh20,000, it will also be addressed in a day. The court aims to resolve different court cases in a speedy manner,” he said.

Under the directives of Shaikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, President of the ADJD, the speedy justice is one of the top priorities of the department.

Shaikh Mansour’s directives were aimed at establishing initiatives and projects to ensure quick pronouncement of cases, Al Shibli said adding: “Of course, the “One-Day Court” is among one of these initiatives, which we launched today.”

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