Abu Dhabi hosts meeting of UAE-Chad Joint Committee

ABU DHABI, 4th September, 2018 (WAM) — Abu Dhabi today hosted the ministerial meeting of the Joint Committee between the UAE and Chad, under the co-chairmanship of Dr. Sultan bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of State, and Ashtah Saleh Daman, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, African Integration, International Cooperation and Diaspora Affairs.

Dr. Al Jaber stated that the political ties between the two countries are based on joint visions on many regional and international issues while praising Chad’s support for the Arab Coalition Forces, led by Saudi Arabia, and its recent operations in Hodeidah, which reflects the harmony between the two countries and their joint stances in facing extremism and terrorism.

He added that the UAE considers terrorism a cross-border problem while affirming the country’s determination to support African initiatives to combat terrorism and maintain international security and peace, including the G5 Sahel Joint Force. The UAE considers the force’s success as key to ensuring the prosperity and security of the coast region, as well as neighbouring areas and the entire world.

Al Jaber stressed that in light of the economic challenges and terrorist threats faced by the African continent, the UAE believes in the importance of economic and social development and its role in combating extremist ideas while noting that due to this belief, the country has occupied the first position internationally in terms of providing foreign aid, as well as leading roles in establishing bilateral and multilateral economic partnerships with its neighbours and friendly countries, to support global development efforts.

He highlighted the fact that the UAE has supported the “National Development Plan of the Republic of Chad 2017-2021” while noting that US$150 million was allocated last year, through the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, to support this plan, which includes $50 million to fund Emirati investments in Chad. He also hoped that the funding will be employed appropriately, to benefit both parties in various economic and development areas.

Al Jaber praised the positive action undertaken by Chad to exempt Emirati citizens from entry visas while expressing his hope that this will advance the bilateral economic, tourism and cultural ties between the two countries.

Regarding investment, Al Jaber highlighted the importance of discussing investment and partnership opportunities in both countries while calling on Emirati investors to benefit from investment opportunities in Chad, as well as build partnerships in the energy, renewable energy, food security, telecommunications, land ports, logistical services and other economic sectors, which are expected to bring mutual benefits and achieve the strategic goals of both sides.

He also urged investors from Chad to explore investment opportunities in the UAE, which is a main gateway to the region’s markets while noting the country’s excellent investment environment and unique infrastructure, which have enabled it lead internationally in the ratings of international organisations in the categories of ease of doing business, competitiveness and logistical services.

On her part, the Chadian minister stressed that the meeting is historic for both countries, and will help strengthen their cooperation and relations.

During the meeting, several agreements and MoU’s were signed, which include a double taxation avoidance agreement, an agreement to protect and encourage investment, and an memorandum of understanding on the political deliberations between the two countries, as well the committee’s minutes.

The UAE is the fourth largest international destination for exports from Chad, and the size of their trade exchange reached $177 million in 2017. Both sides are also building commercial partnerships in the public and private sectors.

The Government of Chad officially announced its participation in the Expo 2020 Dubai, which will enable its participants to discover trading and investment opportunities in the UAE, around the region and the entire world.

Chad is one the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with the UAE in 1973. The bilateral relations between the two countries have witnessed overall development and prosperity, including in the areas of the economy, politics and society, and were recently crowned with the decision of Chad to open an embassy in the capital, Abu Dhabi, after the UAE opened its embassy in N’Djamena in 2017.

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