Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate concludes with key recommendations and potential scenarios

Mon 12-11-2018 22:47 PM

ABU DHABI, 12th November 2018 (WAM) – Dr. Ebtesam Al Ketbi, President of Emirates Policy Center (EPC) summarised the recommendations in highlighting potential scenarios on the regional and international levels during the closing session of the Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate.

She spoke of the vision of EPC, contrary to what was predicted by analysts, some of whom tried to portray that the US hegemony and power would recede in the international world order. “We see the US is still the first superpower worldwide which has control of international politics and still controls the entire world order in the upcoming period,” she said. “We will witness a unilateral world order in terms of the distribution of power and it will be multipolar in terms of relationships.”

Contrary to what analysts predicted that Russia will return to play a key role in shaping the world order, she mentioned strategic defense, economic and technological challenges that will continue to represent an obstacle for Russia to restore its world order role in terms of creating a bipolar global order.

Europe was said to remain a very important cornerstone of the world order. “It will continue to battle the challenges to continue its unity,” Dr. Al Ketbi said. “Despite what was anticipated and what is being anticipated by most observers, China will continue to influence its own region, yet it will not be able to increase its hegemony because of India and Japan as opposing counter-balancing forces, and because of the US-China containment policy within its own regional sphere.”

“The regional role of India will continue to grow because of the economic model and technological supremacy.”

Dr. Al Ketbi noted that India needs to have a host of security and defense strategies and many power-building models.

WAM/Hassan Bashir



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