Advanced Sciences Office discusses UAE’s competitiveness as regional logistical centre

Mon 02-07-2018 21:12 PM

ABU DHABI, 2nd July, 2018 (WAM) — The Advanced Sciences Office organised an interactive session, titled, “The Future of the Transportation Sector and Logistical Services,” which explored ways of benefitting from technological and scientific advances and presented an innovative and integrated working model that could help build a national database for these vital sectors.

Sarah bin Yousef Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Sciences, chaired the interactive session, which discussed current global trends related to integrating information and systems management in the travel, transport and logistics sectors, as well as how to enhance the economic value and competitiveness of these sectors.

“Today’s session is an ideal platform for showcasing the promising economic opportunities in the sectors of travel, transportation and logistical services, as well as to discuss the potential benefits offered by advanced sciences and modern technology, such as data management and the internet, and their role in creating innovative working models, which can help improve the performance of these sectors and raise their economic competitiveness,” Al Amiri said.

“The discussions witnessed during the interactive session are key to determining the relevant obstacles standing in the way of progress, and the factors that hinder joint cooperation and integrated solutions to deal with them, as well as the prosperous partnerships that will help foresee the future of these sectors,” she added.

Al Amiri affirmed that investing in advanced sciences can improve the performance of the UAE’s travel, transportation and logistical services sectors, which include air, sea and land transportation. It can also offer new models of transportation and freight services in faster, safer and less expensive ways, she further added while noting that adopting technological solutions will help preserve the UAE’s competitive advantage, in light of advanced techniques and technologies and the constantly changing needs and behavioural patterns of clients.

WAM/Hassan Bashir/Tariq alfaham

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