Advisory: UAE Consulate issues warning in Barcelona

Dubai: The UAE Consulate in Barcelona has issued an alert to Emiratis, warning travellers of a city-wide protest that brought roads to a halt.

Passengers travelling to Barcelona were advised to make the necessary travel arrangements prior to arriving at the airport, while those heading back to the UAE were urged to get to the airport early.

In the event of an emergency, citizens can contact the Consulate General on +34 932408550 or +34 669444444.  

A number of airports in the last few days, including Barcelona El Prat, did not have a taxi service due to the strikes. 

•  Spain taxi drivers continue Uber strike

An online video trending on social networking sites, which was posted by El Economista on July 25, 2018, show how protestors attacked a hail-riding vehicle and sprayed it with paint.

Taxi drivers in Barcelona, Madrid and other cities across Spain started the protest last week against ride hailing competitors such as Uber and Cabify, over unfair competition which they say unfairly threaten their livelihoods.

Strikes or partial stoppages were also called in Valencia in eastern Spain, Zaragoza and Bilbao in the north, and Seville in the south.

The strikes come at the height of Spain’s busiest tourist season.

In Barcelona, Spain’s biggest tourist attraction, hundreds of black and yellow taxis parked for a third day on the Gran Via, one of the city’s main roads. Many were seen camping in tents, sleeping on mattresses on the ground, or in their taxis.

In Madrid, taxi drivers also blocked the main Paseo de la Castellana thoroughfare. 

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