Ajman Police warns drivers not to flee accident scene

AJMAN, 25th December, 2017 (WAM) — Ajman Police has warned drivers about leaving the scene of a traffic accident, as it further complicates their situation and will add three potential new charges, under both the Federal Traffic Law and the Penal Code.

Lt. Colonel Saif Abdullah Al Falasi, Deputy-Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department at Ajman Police, said that anyone who commits a traffic accident and leaves the scene will be charged with escaping from an accident scene, failing to assist and causing bodily harm to others, as well as receive traffic violations and black points if speeding, not carrying a driver’s license or causing other violations, regardless of any excuses.

Al Falasi explained that the law could impose imprisonment or fines for hit and runs, with both punishments applicable if injuries are caused as a result of the accident. Further penalties will apply should the driver remain at the scene of a small traffic accident, with a fine of AED500 and eight traffic points for light vehicles or AED1,000 and 16 traffic points for heavy vehicles, with the vehicles being impounded for a total of seven days, he explained.

He called on any driver who has caused an accident to wait and take responsibility without further complicating the situation by leaving the scene of the incident. Al Falasi noted that traffic accident procedures are clear, specific and simple, and are promptly completed. “Therefore, they do not need to try to escape. Stopping and admitting the mistake will end the accident procedures and is proof of one’s loyalty, belonging and appreciation of the rights of others while assisting the injured is a religious duty and proof of positive citizenship, and being steady and immediately calling the police are ideal behaviours to avoid legal accountability and further legal procedures, which can potentially result in criminal charges and lengthy court cases,” he added.

Al Falasi stressed that some might consider escaping as a solution to avoid the problem while affirming that it is a crime and a violation of fundamental rights. Others might justify fleeing due to fear, but this is not a valid excuse, whether to the Police, the Prosecution or the Court, he concluded.

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