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Al Ameen releases new product line of Barricade Fence Cart

Al Ameen Lathe Workshop


For Immediate Release:- 11-04-2020


Al Ameen releases new product line of Barricade Fence Cart

Al Ameen Lathe Workshop LLC launches a new product line of Barricade Fence cart used for dragging large quantities of barricade fences.

Dubai, UAE: Today, Al Ameen Lathe workshop LLC, A leading steel products manufacturing company in UAE specialized in fabricating loading and unloading solutions have launched a new product Range of Barricade carts.

According to the manager of Al Ameen, Troy Dey stated “We have been manufacturing these barricade carts for transporting large quantity of barricade Fences in easily accessible areas as many Event Organizing companies lacked the solution for transporting barricades. These carts can dramatically speed up installation and removal of steel barricades in large quantities.

Asking about the company he Stated ”We have been developing solutions in the region that solved the problems faced in Construction Sites, Trading Companies, Event Management and facilities management Companies.

These carts can carry 15 to 24 fences at a time with bases attached of Barricades. The solution and convenience provided by these carts can accelerate installation and storage solutions for many event management companies in the region.

About Al Ameen Lathe Workshop LLC: Al Ameen Lathe Workshop is a company based in Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2, Dubai, U.A.E, Founded in 1980, Al Ameen Lathe Workshop is only CE certified equipment and loading equipment manufacturer in the region. Al Ameen had been awarded Gold supplier by Dubai Police as best supplier company in Dubai. More information on Barricade carts can be found here.

Link to product –

Media contact: – Habib Chowdhury


Al Ameen Lathe Workshop

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Barricade fence cart

Al Ameen Lathe Workshop are looking forward to improve their Product and quality by gaining satisfied customers all over GCC and Africa.



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