Aleekia the unique Dress only fashion brand for kids is now available at

Aleekia is a leading online name in the kid’s fashion scene globally. The store is offering trendy and stylish designer kids clothing for both girls and boys starting from the newly born up to 8 years, clothing that can never be gotten anywhere else.

The Kids of today are really conscious when it comes to clothes and fashion. The rise of social media, influence of celebrities and increasing popularity of the “mini-me” trend has seen children’s clothing evolve into trend-led products. Parents are really having a hard time in finding perfect fashionable clothes for their smart kids today. Aleekia understands the tiny tots are really fashion conscious these days which make it difficult for the parents to impress the little ones with their expected style and fashion. Thus, as the name implies, it came up online with its fantastic selection of amazing little clothes exclusively from apparently unreachable famous designers.

When founders Soumen Biswas and Swati Biswas was desperately looking for an elegant dress for their daughter Aleeka at best shop in the city and did not get it, they immediately discovered and felt the gap in the market of beautiful dresses for the fashion conscious kids. More importantly, they also agreed on how a kid’s fashion brand should work with today’s well aware kids.

“Aleekia is a unique Dress only fashion brand for kids. Taking our name from a word meaning “beautiful ornament,” we recognize that dress is more than just an article of clothing: it is a statement.” Soumen Biswas, CEO- Aleekia & Founder, said.

Though parents are the main purchasers, kids hold a lot of sway in shaping their buying decisions. Children are more aware of designer and luxury brands, exposed to fashion media and changing trends. With this heightened fashion awareness among kids and parents alike, Aleekia as a name that stands for staying beautiful and outstanding fashion satisfies this need by offering trend-setting styles, and good quality kids clothing for all occasions which will wear well through time.

Currently, there are no other premium high street Kids wear brand that provides trendy and elegant dresses for every occasion, which, at the same time, combine luxurious quality, a strong brand identity and an attractive price as the company.

Aleekia is available Now the middle east through and products can be found at Aleekia Store. For more information, please go to send an email to

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