An education – the only reward that Bheem wants

Boy who saved train passengers wants to study and secure a good job to help his family

Patna A brave schoolboy from Bihar, who saved the lives of hundreds of passengers by halting a speeding train, says he wants to study further and get a good job to serve his family.

Twelve-year-old Bheem Yadav, a grade five student, is currently enrolled in an upgraded middle school, located in the Mangalpur village, in the West Champaran district, more than 260 km from Patna.

He says his parents are too poor to fund his education. Bheem’s father, Janardan Yadav, is a daily-wage labourer who works in the fields.

“I love studying and want to get a good job. Mathematics and science are my favourite subjects but my parents are poor to arrange for my study materials,” Bheem told Gulf News.

He said he was happy that everyone in the village was praising his act of bravery.

“I am feeling very good. I am happy that I have been able to save them [the train passengers],” he said.

He said he was encouraged to work for society after he recently visited a relative and found the villagers there discussing about what he did.

“This incident left a deep mark in my mind. Since then I want to do more to help people out,” he said.

According to Bheem, he was on his way to a local orchard when he saw cracks in the railway tracks.

“I didn’t know how to stop the train but used my presence of mind. I took off my shirt and ran on the tracks after watching a train coming on the track. The driver finally stopped the train,” Bheem said.

Teachers at his school are pleased to know that his act of bravery is being appreciated.

“We are very proud,” said his class teacher BM Tiwari, urging the government to provide all necessary help so that Bheem could pursue further studies.

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