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Corporate Strategy

Development of the 3-5 Year Company Strategy

Revisit the vision, mission and corporate value statements
Conduct trend analysis and review previous analysis outcomes and come up with the likely gaps for the upcoming strategy period
Organize a meeting with the C-Suite and CEO to deliver the analysis results and strategic gaps that should be addressed in the upcoming strategy
Populate and summarize the output from the meeting and create:
Ø  3-5 strategic pillars/directions

Ø  Core corporate competencies

Cascade the strategic pillars into goals/objectives in coordination with the relevant HODs
Break down each goal/objective into initiatives in coordination with the C-Suite
Define KPIs in coordination with Head of HR & Admin
Create the strategy document for each function as well as an implementation roadmap and communication to the head of the function
Formulate the final approved 3-5 year strategy document of The Company
Compile results and submit report to the CEO for review / feedback, and presentation to the BOD
Development/Revision of the Mission & Vision Statements

Analyze market trends and the likely future direction of local and international markets
Conduct gap analysis for the Company against the results of the market analysis
Formulate the Mission statement in coordination with the CEO and senior management
Invite the CEO, senior management and HODs to a series of workshops to discuss their vision for the Company
Research visions statements of other similar organizations both locally and internationally to establish industry norms and trends
Formulate the Vision statement for The Company in coordination with the CEO
Coordinate with Marketing and Public Relations (MPR) function to communicate the Mission and Vision statements to staff and general public through appropriate media channels.

Annual Business Plan and Budget

Annual Business Plan and Budget

Secure budget for the annual planning process from CEO and BOD
Conduct research and gather information on applicable benchmarks
Prepare a report analyzing the overall financial and economic environment in Kuwait, the region as well as globally, political and social trends, on-going opportunities and threats that should be taken into account in the planning process
Provide the C-Suite with a guide for brainstorming priorities, challenges, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for the coming year
Compile the data received from and prepare the business plan document
Prepare the annual plan and budget presentation under the CEO’s guidance and instructions
Build a final version of the annual plan for each function based on the final approved annual plan and budget
Develop the final version of annual business plan targets, initiatives and roadmap (business plan contract) per function and send to the relevant Chief for final confirmation and sign off
Development and Monitoring of Strategic KPIs

Assist C-Suite in documenting the KPIs and consolidate across the business, identify any potential gaps, i.e. strategic objectives that are not covered by one of the C-Level resource’s KPIs
Create Management Information Templates for KPI tracking and discuss with C-Suite
Prepare progress reports and submit to the CEO for review and approval
Development and Monitoring of Departmental KPIs

Assist function heads in translating the approved annual business plan and targets into KPIs
Ensure that the KPIs align with the overall Company strategy
Cascade the KPIs and break them down further and define the reporting frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually)
Approve the KPI-incentive model
Hold an awareness session with the C-Suite and HODs to communicate the final output, method of implementation and the tracking process

Corporate Governance

Formation of Committees

Develop draft terms of reference for the committee, under the CEO’s guidance
Circulate the approved charter to the members of the committee
Period Review of Documents

Review the document and the changes
Ensure that the document is in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations
Recommend additional updates for the document if applicable
Develop / Review Company Risk Appetite Statement

Review the Company’s strategic and financial objectives set in the medium to long-term strategy and determine the Company’s risk profile referring to the Risk Register to understand the risks that the Company is willing to pursue to achieve its objectives
Ensure that the strategy and risk limits of each BU align with the Company’s risk profile
Submit the draft appetite to the CEO for feedback
Finalize the risk appetite statement in line with the CEO feedback and forward to BOD for approval
Risk Identification, Assessment, and Treatment

Conduct workshops periodically using approved risk identification techniques to identify potential risks
Complete the Risk Register
Review BU risks and their controls in the Risk Register to determine if they are acceptable or require further Risk Treatment Plans (RTP)
Confirm the risks that require additional controls and choose the most practical option in dealing with each risk:
Develop a relevant and suitable RTP
Identify indicators that are important to monitor from a risk perspective in coordination with relative BU Heads/Risk Champions
Devise a plan to mitigate risk and monitor it closely until it returns to an acceptable level
Risk Reporting

In case of the KRI (Key Risk Indicators) are deemed no longer valid, update the KRI form and inform the Risk Champion that the KRI [ will no longer be monitored
Complete the risk management report, by sourcing and validating the data and data sources.
Maintaining Risk Register
Maintain the Risk Registers for BU’s (Business Units) in cooperation with Heads of BU’s and Risk Champions
Regularly monitor the risks in the Risk Register and ensure that the controls in place are adhered to
Identify emerging risks and gather more information on their likelihood and impact on the BU
Investigate the new risks by gathering more details and completing the relevant sections of the register
Develop a suitable RTPs for new risks identified
Service Providers

Requisition and Selection of Auditors / Consultants engaged by the CEO

Check the providers Log to see if the services have been provided before and by whom.
Establish clear defined evaluation criteria under guidance of the CEO / concerned department head
Evaluate the proposals following the steps defined in the Procurement Manual, and submit the evaluation results to the CEO
Coordinating with the Auditors / Consultants engaged by the CEO

Regularly follow up on the progress of the project with the auditors / consultants
Prepare periodic progress reports
File notes of the delays or concerns for future consideration


Insurance Policy

Liaise with Company surveyors and help in the survey for property valuation
Discuss insurance coverage needs for The Company with the insurance consultant

Handling Incidents

 Submit the damage report to the insurance Company
 Follow up with PMD for updates on the repair and status

New Clients Insurance

Inform the insurance Company to add/remove the client based on their status with The Company

How to measure performance against KPIs?

Measure and Report KPIs

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Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait
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