Andrew Ng calls on world to increase invest in developing talents

DUBAI, 30th April, 2019 (WAM) — Recognised as a global pioneer and champion of artificial intelligence technologies, Andrew Ng, Co-founder of Coursera and Google Brain and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University, today called on global leaders and technologists to increase investment in talent development for the future of AI.

Speaking via video, at the inaugural Ai Everything Summit at the Dubai World Trade Centre, DWTC,, Ng highlighted the transformative potential of AI to transform lives at unparalled scale, with industries and governments playing a crucial role in its success. By 2022, AI is expected to create a massive 58 million new jobs according to the World Economic Forum.

Ng who is an advocate for online education said, “The two strongest hubs for AI talent today is the Silicon Valley in United States and Beijing, and for AI to reach its full potential it cannot just be these two hubs. We need to invest globally in order to create education that allows cities throughout the world to build out the AI talent so that they can transform local government, industries and systems. I have been looking forward to coming to the UAE because I’d love to see what I can do to support the rise of AI in the country and the Middle East.”

Ng who teaches a highly popular online course called ‘AI for Everyone’ also highlighted that the technology will also transform the jobs we have today. Despite the rapid transformation of the AI industry and adoption of associated technologies, global innovation centres struggle to find the talent required. The future of AI talent will be drawn from a mix of academia, private enterprise and universities. The advent of machine learning and deep learning technologies will require humans to learn new skills and capabilities to manage AI based platforms.

This first ever AIE coincides with the recent adoption of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031. The strategy aims at positioning the UAE as a global leader in Artificial Intelligence by 2031, and to develop an integrated system that employs artificial intelligence in vital areas in the UAE. A global gathering on the scale of the AI Everything Summit is expected to accelerate the UAE’s adoption of this technology, unlock future-centric dialogue on the future of the industry, and propel talent into a learning experience that will reimagine the future of the country.

AI Everything is hosted by the UAE’s National Programme for Artificial Intelligence with the support of global association partners International Telecommunication Union, ITU, and the World Intellectual Property Organisation, WIPO, in strategic partnership with Smart Dubai.

WAM/Hazem Hussein/Hassan Bashir

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