Angry man used toy gun to force bus drivers to reduce speed

Suspect pointed toy gun at three drivers, threatened to kill them if they didn’t drive safely

Dubai: A technician has been accused of using a toy gun to threaten three bus drivers to slow down on the roads.

The three bus drivers were said to have reported the incident to a policeman in Global Village and alerted him that a person had pointed a gun at them and threatened to shoot them if they did not drive at slower speeds in March.

When the three drivers guided the officer to the person, it turned out to be a 35-year-old Indian technician, according to records.

The policeman stopped the technician and asked him for his papers and in the meantime, a police patrol arrived at the scene.

When asked about the drivers’ claims, the 35-year-old claimed that he was angered by a number of reckless and speeding bus drivers, which is why he used a toy gun to drive home the point.

The suspect pleaded not guilty when he showed up before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday.

He contended that he did not have criminal intention and had used a toygun and not a real gun.

A Bangladeshi bus driver claimed to prosecutors that the suspect came to him while he was picking up passengers.

“He pointed out his gun and asked me to open the window … then he told me that he would kill me if I did not reduce my speed limit while driving. I panicked and drove away quickly. Later when I went to inform my supervisor, I discovered that he had threatened two co-workers with his gun that he had hid inside his jacket,” he testified to prosecutors.

The two other drivers confirmed their co-worker’s statement.

A policeman, who questioned the suspect, claimed to prosecutors: “The suspect alleged that he had used a toy gun and not a real one. He purported that several reckless and speeding drivers had made him angry and that was when he decided to use that method to coerce them to drive slowly.”

The trial continues.

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