Arab League Council affirms support for operation to liberate Hodeidah

CAIRO, 14th June, 2018 (WAM) — Representatives of the Council of the Arab League affirmed their support for the request of the legitimate Yemeni government to seek assistance from the Arab Coalition Forces to end the Houthi coup and return security and stability to all Yemeni governorates, especially Hodeidah Port.

The council highlighted the necessity of preserving Yemen’s unity, sovereignty, independence and safety, as well as to reject any interference in its internal affairs.

The council made this commitment during its statement today at the end of its urgent meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Arab League and was headed by Oman, based on a request from Yemen, with the support of Saudi Arabia and UAE.

The country’s delegation was headed by Juma Mubarak Al Junaibi, UAE Ambassador to Egypt and Permanent Representative to the Arab League.

The council renewed its support for the constitutional legitimacy of the presidency of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, President of Yemen, based on its decisions and those of the Security Council to allow Yemen’s government to seek assistance from the Arab Coalition.

The council announced its support for the Yemeni government’s position, as well as for the “Gulf Initiative” and its executive mechanism, the outcomes of the “Comprehensive National Dialogue,” and the “Security Council Decision 2216” and other related international decisions, which aim to reach a political settlement in Yemen.

The council urged all Yemeni factions, forces and political parties to be reasonable, consider the interests of the Yemeni people, and work under the leadership of the legitimate Yemeni government, to solve their differences through dialogue and not inflame political conflicts that could prevent them from overcoming their current challenges.

The council condemned the human rights violations committed by the Houthi militias, which include murder, kidnapping, enforced disappearance, the bombing of homes, recruiting children, and the use of schools and hospitals for military purposes, as well as their ongoing besiege of Yemeni cities.

The council also condemned the use of Hodeidah Port by the militias, to extend the war and increase the suffering of the Yemeni people, through the smuggling the weapons and ballistic missiles, which were used against Saudi Arabia.

The council highlighted the importance of the safety of civilians while calling on the Houthis to withdraw from Hodeidah.

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