ASF 2018 discusses resolution of internal and external challenges

DUBAI,12th December, 2018 (WAM) – Leading political figures expressed the need for a stronger Arab coalition, a clear roadmap and proactive initiatives to combat the region’s economic, political, social and security issues. The experts were speaking at a panel discussion during the Arab Strategy Forum (ASF) 2018, titled “State of the Arab World Politics in 2019”.

Common themes addressed at the discussion included the link between the present issues and the future of Arab states. The panelists agreed that an absence of economic, political and security collaboration between the Arab states have led them to be less proactive in resolving their issues, and this in turn has created a political vacuum that has allowed for foreign intervention.

In his comments, Dr Nasser Judeh, former Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Jordan, referred to the Palestinian cause, saying that the preliminary stance of Arab states remains focused on the interests of Palestine as an independent state.

Dr Ayad Alawi, former Prime Minister of Iraq and the Leader of the National Accord, stated that the much-needed political and economic reforms can support a more positive outlook in the near future for combating the Arab states’ internal challenges and external dynamics affecting their stability.

Dr Nabil Fahmy, former Foreign Minister of Egypt, said water must remain a source of cooperation and any solution must be addressed holistically.

The three panelists echoed a similar sentiment towards battling terrorism in the region, stressing the importance of evaluating and analysing what Dr Alawi referred to as the third generation of terrorists – those who succeed Al Qaeda and ISIS and those who seek to create more chaos and destroy what remains of the economy.

New social equations and methodologies that address local considerations and existing economic, political and social challenges, and a unified vision for the future were identified as key requirements to combat terrorism, with the Arab League acting as an umbrella.

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