Authority bans toxic slime toys

Dubai: Three toxic slime toys were banned in the UAE after authorities deemed the products “poisonous to children”.

The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (Esma) announced that the harmful toys are So-Squishy Slime, Magic Crystal Mud, and Glitter Slime.

The laboratory tests, according to Esma, the authority for ensuring that all products in the UAE are safe for public consumption and meet international standards, proved that these three toys contained the boron element at higher levels than permissible.

Dr Yousuf Al Sa’adi, director of the Compliance Department at Esma, said the toys could pose a danger to consumers, especially children.

Dr Al Sa’adi noted that “children’s bodies are more sensitive to the toxicity of boric acid than adults, which could lead to poisoning if the slime toys were swallowed”.

The latest ban ensures that all toys are safe for children and do not pose a health hazard through routine exposure, said officials.

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