Baby gets new lease of life thanks to Gulf News readers

3-year-old boy was in need for second liver transplant but his parents couldn’t afford it

Dubai: A three-and-a-half-year-old Pakistani boy, who was in desperate need for a second liver transplant, has successfully completed the operation thanks to the generosity of Gulf News readers.

Baby Mohammad Ebrahim Kiani, who was at risk of liver failure due to serious complications, received a new lease of life after donations came pouring in from well-wishers in the UAE when his story was published in June.

His father, Mohammad Adel Kiani said he was thankful for the overwhelming support he received from the community who had helped him pay for the costly surgery.

The surgery was carried out on September 1 in Fortis Escorts Hospital, New Delhi.

“It was a very critical period because my son was falling ill, his body was turning weak and we couldn’t afford to do the operation. The surgery was so important and it has saved his life,” said emotional Kiani, 36, who works as an accountant at a local hospital.

Baby Mohammad was facing liver complications since birth due to ‘biliary atresia’, a congenital liver disease in which the bile duct between the liver and the small intestine is blocked or missing. He underwent the first liver transplant successfully but later began facing complications and required another transplant.

Kiani said he and his wife were put through several tests to determine who the donor for the second transplant would be and then doctors decided his wife would be the best donor for his son.

“We went to India on August 10 and doctors carried out many tests and investigations on myself and my wife. They had to make sure the donor was a perfect match this time because his body rejected the first liver transplant.”

Liver is the human body’s largest essential organ, performing key metabolic and immune functions. In a living related liver transplant, a portion of the liver is removed from a living relative. As livers are capable of regeneration, a transplanted section of a healthy liver can ideally regrow into a functional organ for the recipient.

Kiani’s wife and son are recovering well after the surgery and are back in Pakistan, he said. “My son had to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks before he was discharged and he had to be monitored for two more weeks before we were able to take him back home. He is recovering quickly thanks to God but he will have to keep receiving medication for the next five years.”

“I knew that there were generous people out there, but I never expected to receive this much support from the Asian community. They helped me raise almost Dh100,000, which helped cover all the costs, including the hospital bills, medication and hotel stay in India,” he said.

Kiani said he made sure to update the well-wishers every step of the way, and also as more people kept calling to help, he told them that he was no longer in need for more donations.

“I have to give my special thanks to these good people, they helped me a lot and the surgery was carried out in time. Everything had gone so smoothly and my son is recovering. I’m so grateful for everyone’s help.”

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