Bedridden woman walks again

Dubai: An Emarati woman who thought she would never walk again is driving herself home thanks to the care she received at NMC ProVita International Medical Centre in Al Ain.

Zuhoor Saeed Al Ameri suffered generalised muscle weakness and severe muscle deconditioning following complications after surgery at one hospital. Eight later doctors told her that she would be bedridden for life. Being kidney transplant recipient only complicated her recovery.

However, Zuhoor refused to give up and went to NMC ProVita International Medical Centre in Al Ain — a leading provider of post-acute care — on August 30 this year. The doctors there employed a biopsychosocial approach to treat her treat which included regular medical and multidisciplinary team meetings with the patient and her family. After two months of intense medical recovery and rehabilitation programme, Al Ameri not only made rapid progress but was able to go home by October 25.

Now Zuhoor is not only home, but is also able to drive her own car and lead an independent life. Recounting her relief and delight, Zuhoor said: “I’m amazed to be home after 14 months. I thought I would never walk again, and now I’ve been cleared to drive myself to my therapy appointments at the outpatient department managed by NMC ProVita at NMC Medical Centre Al Wadi.”

Zuhoor was all praise for the hospital team. “The nurses, therapists and doctors were great, always available, knowledgeable and very clear when explaining procedures. They never asked me to do anything uncomfortable; they would always ask me if I was ready before starting an exercise or therapy session. It was a cooperative process from beginning to end and, with their support, along with that of my brother, who was my most frequent visitor and thanks to God, I pulled through,” she added.

As a pioneer in post-acute medical and rehabilitative care in the UAE, NMC ProVita provides a continuum of care including an outpatient programme. NMC ProVita International Medical Centre, a subsidiary of NMC Healthcare, is the first private long-term care facility in the region to be accredited by the Joint Commission International for quality and patient safety.

Dr Ahmad Al Khayer, Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services at NMC ProVita, said, “A person’s life may suddenly change. However, he or she can return to be a productive member of society through a highly qualified, organised multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary biopsychosocial rehabilitation approach.”

Zuhoor’s experience has proved that a customised and expertly designed therapeutic programme can make a significant difference to a patient. The importance of therapy is being celebrated throughout the world at this time of year with World Occupational Therapy Day that was observed on October 27.

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