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Online shopping has been growing and gaining popularity over the years, largely because Everyone finds it convenient and easy to shop from the comfort of their home or office. One of the most enticing factors about online shopping, especially during a holiday seasons, it relieves the need to wait in long lines or Roam around from store to store for a precise item. Online shopping has been around since the early days of the web and has not altered much on the frontend of things. The features of online shopping that you are not aware of is what goes on behind the scenes when you click the button to make your purchase after entering your details like name, address and other confidential information. Various layers of security are employed to keep your information safe and protective.

Internet marketing is conceptually different from other marketing channels and internet serves a one to one communication between the seller and the end user with round the clock consumer service. Presently, business internet marketing is the fastest growing part of online e-commerce. The major difference between Retail and online selling is the amount of interaction between the consumer and the seller. There is much more electronic interactivity with the consumer in the form of emails and FAQs. Through FAQs, the Customers questions on payment, shipment, policies, product and other consumer concerns can be directed efficiently.

UAE shoppers do make it count when going online, they rack up the highest transaction levels of $332 per purchase according to a survey buyer habits in 51 countries. The Global record points Middle-East as one of the regions with the largest incidence of cross-border online shoppers. UAE consumers tend to take a longer time to make purchases, the report states that purchases using smartphones is quickly becoming a preferred option. UAE is among the top 3 countries surveyed followed by Egypt and Nigeria in Europe, MENA region has the highest average proportion of cross-border purchases being made.

Online payment service providers will have more to work upon as COD (cash on delivery) in UAE remains one of the more accepted modes of payment for UAE consumers, this is something which they have in common with consumers in India and Russia. Due to technological shifts, the traditional way of shopping has become inadequate for individuals. Individuals now favor easy ways to reach brands and stores and it can be said that ‘The Internet has radically changed customer’s thoughts of convenience, speed, price, product information, and service. E-commerce presents consumers more choices, more info and more ways to buy. Moreover, e-Commerce will remain as a means to sell products, services, and content over the internet. As a result, individuals can buy or sell anything, ‘at any time, from anywhere through online shopping in UAE. Younger customers tend to be more loyal to companies that offer personalized interactions such as customized promotions, the anticipation of needs and other interactive experiences, as well as concierge services, In various ways, online shopping should be a simple fit for the UAE, in addition to high levels of disposable income, UAE has highly improved transport and logistics support, with the major of its population based in urban areas. The Usage of smartphones is the highest in the world at 73.8 percent, with more than 90 percent of the population having access to the internet.

With occupied calendars and the universal presence of the internet, e-commerce has never been more appealing. These are some of the top benefits of purchasing goods or services online:
1. Time-Saving
2. Huge Discounts
3. Less Travelling.
4. Unlimited choices.
5. Better Price Comparison Possibilities.
6. COD ( Cash On Delivery ) / Pay By Card at home.

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