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The Best Quality AC Equipment Manufacturer in UAE – KAD Air Conditioning

10 th Feb 2016, Dubai, UAE

KAD Air Conditioning was added to the extensive business portfolio of the Bin Dasmal Group in 2002, merely 14 years ago. Although it was a successful and promising company in its own right, its addition to the Bin Dasmal Group cemented its position as one of the foremost air conditioning companies in the Gulf Coast region. KAD Air Conditioning is widely renowned as being highly prominent in the regional HVAC industry, even as a VAV box manufacturer, for the production of duct and ducting accessories in the United Arab Emirates.

KAD Air Conditioning has thrived under the experience and opportunities offered by its role under the Bin Dasmal Group. As one of the most reliable and trusted air conditioning companies in UAE, the company has seen an immense amount of growth in the past 14 years. This is due in no small part to the fact that KAD Air Conditioning places a huge priority on providing its customers and contracting clientele with high quality products and services. The company offers an incredible amount of experience with the HVAC requirements of this region, and manufactures high quality and well studied ducting and HVAC solutions. Every product, down to the last fire damper, can be customized according to the latest standards as well as client requirements.

This air conditioning equipment and VAV box manufacturer provides all manner of solutions to HVAC issues in the region, which is why it is highly trusted among its audience which comprises mostly of HVAC engineers and contractors, not to mention building managers that rely upon the highly functional and long lasting properties of KAD Air Conditioning’s products.

KAD Air Conditioning is a company that assures its clientele safety first. Whether in the form of a well tested and inspected fire damper or its strict adherence towards maintaining international standards and following the right protocol when it comes to the manufacturing, handling, and distribution of their products. Since the organization is ISO certified as well, it bolsters the consumer’s trust as well as Bin Dasmal Group’s reputation for quality. Under the Group, KAD Air Conditioning has also been able to expand its range of operations and services to become the leading provider of HVAC solutions and supplies in the country.


KAD Air Conditioning
Dubai Investment Park-1
PO Box 5389,
Dubai, UAE
Phone No : +971-4-8067680
Fax : +971-4-8067688



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