‘Biased’ UN report slammed

Panel: It puts blame on coalition for ‘crimes’ but ignores killings by Al Houthis

Abu Dhabi: Gulf legal and human rights experts have strongly rejected the UN Human Rights Council’s latest report on Yemen, and committed to legally respond to the council by the end of the month in Geneva.

Experts said the reports are not based on ground reality, and stray incidents involving forces were fabricated and highlighted as big crimes, while violations by Al Houthis and killing of innocents were ignored.

The latest UNHRC report indicated more civilians were killed by the coalition forces in Yemen than by Al Houthis. It also accused coalition forces of committing severe human rights violations, including torture, forced disappearances, attacks on civilians and illegal detentions.

The Journalists Association of UAE organised a symposium in Abu Dhabi on Sunday to talk about the blunders in these reports.

Nabeel Abdul Hafeedh Majed, Deputy Minister of Human Rights for International Cooperation in Yemen, said, “the report uses political language and not the language of human rights. It is derived from Al Houthis’ previous reports and influenced by them,” he said.

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