Boy dies in Pakistan due to medical negligence

Sister’s Facebook post details the tragic death and social media users are furious

Dubai: A 14 year-old boy died due to a case of medical negligence in Karachi, Pakistan, as mentioned in a Facebook post that details the incident that took place on June 16 .

The boy’s sister, Khizra Fatima, took to social media to describe how the joyous occasion of Eid Al Fitr turned tragic for the family who suffered the loss of Anib Abbas.

Abbas’s family took him to five different hospitals around the city, before he passed away, according to Fatima.

Her lengthy post explains how the incident began.

The child apparently fell on the last day of Ramadan and severely hurt his chest. The family rushed him “that instant” to the Dr Ziauddin Hospital in Karachi, where an ultrasound was conducted but doctors failed to diagnose his condition and acknowledge his pain, according to Fatima.

Next, the family quickly decided to take the child to another hospital where he was X-rayed, served a prescription of “normal” painkillers followed by a suggestion to take Abbas to another medical facility, Fatima wrote.

The third hospital they visited was the renowned Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in Karachi where the doctors appraently “taunted” him with the accusation: “He is pretending to be in pain….”

Adding to the child’s distress, the doctors ordered him to walk and jump, while his pain grew “intense”, wrote Fatima.

“The doctors just wanted to celebrate their Eid, they consider patients simply as customers,” Fatima claimed.

The medical report they received at AKUH had numerous errors, added Fatima to her Facebook post that includes a picture of the document. Abbas was described as a “14 year-old baby girl” and his state at the facility was described as “active alert child lying comfortably in bed”. Additionally, the consultant who attended to the patient is reported to be “Dr Ebaduddin Siddiqui” whereas, Fatima recalled a female doctor.

The following day, on which Abbas died, the family took him to a nearby hospital after his pain got “unbearable” and he started vomiting, wrote Fatima. Once again, medical professionals failed to adequately cater to the “dying” child, she wrote.

Consequently, after visiting the fourth hospital within two days, the family took Abbas to another, where he was pronounced dead.

“They locked the hospital doors and me and my family were lying on the floor devastated alone with nothing left,” wrote the grieving sister.

With over 12,000 ‘shares’, 13,000 ‘likes’ and nearly 5,000 comments, Fatima’s post is receiving a lot of attention. With some mixed reactions, largely, social media users are sympathetic and furious at the family’s tragic account.

Facebook user, Bismah Zehra wrote: “I am sorry to hear this Khizra. My deepest condolences are with you and your family. No amount of words can indemnify your loss. It’s unbearable, but make sure to demand justice for your brother. That young boy didn’t deserve this kind of ill treatment. I hope your words are echoing and your voice is heard by authorities. I am speechless. I don’t know where as a country we are heading to. No wonder we have failed as human beings.”

Others suggested that Fatima should take legal action against the perpetrators.

Facebook user Neyha Mesiya Khizra wrote: “According to your account and this report, you can definitely sue the hospital under negligence. The hospital should definitely be held vicariously liable for the doctors’ negligence. I know it’s a tough time for you, but do consider this option.”

User Komal Jamal Mudassir offered to help the family: “If u don’t have funds let me know we will set a go fund me account to give u financial stability to sue them all. Make a mark in Pakistan’s medical history!”

Fatima’s post also got attention from India. Facebook user, Dr Tariq Mansoor shared his expert opinion: “I am from Calcutta, India. Being a child physician myself, the whole story pained me a lot, where an innocent child lost his life due to sheer negligence and indifference by the treating doctors towards the little kid. He should have been evaluated first very minutely and once diagnosis confirmed, should become treated accordingly. I am still not understanding, why the child not been admitted instantly??”

Mansoor also highlighted how the incident was a negative reflection of medical staff: “All that happened, gives a very negative impression of the doctors. We as doctors, always want to help the patients treating them fast so that their pain and trauma been taken care of.”

However, some netizens were sceptical of Fatima’s account. Facebook user Mehwish Hammad wrote: “Everyone is talking about doctors’ negligence… no one is talking about family’s negligence or delay. When her brother fell down he was fasting since then he was in pain and they took him to hospital after iftar, why?”

Javeria Chughtai posted: “Why the family did not get CT scan done at Ziauddin? Negligence on both parts.” No subsequent details of the incident have surfaced.

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