Brave man foils Dh54,000 theft in street

Two suspects were fleeing with cash after attacking cashier in airport’s parking lot

Dubai: An Iraqi expat displayed courage and quick-thinking to foil an attempt by two workers to rob a cashier of Dh54,000.

The Iraqi man was in a taxi at a traffic signal when he saw two men being chased by another man. He asked the man, an Indian working as a cashier in the paid parking lot of Dubai International Airport, why he was chasing the duo. On being told that they stole money, the Iraqi jumped into the taxi and asked the driver to chase the duo.

He caught up with the suspects, both Pakistanis aged 24 and 25, and overpowered them. He retrieved the bag of money and made the duo wait inside the taxi till the police arrived and arrested them.

According to the charge-sheet, prosecutors accused the duo of storming into the cashier’s kiosk at the airport’s terminal 2, beating and threatening him, and fleeing with money from the cash register.

The accused pleaded not guilty before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

“We do not know anything about this case,” the 24-year-old told presiding judge Urfan Omar.

The cashier told prosecutors that the accused knocked at the kiosk’s door and attacked him when he opened it.

“The grabbed me by the neck … assaulted me, stole the money and ran away. I chased them in the street till the Iraqi man managed to stop them,” he said.

The Iraqi man told prosecutors: “I saw the cashier chasing the suspects. When he told me that they had robbed the money, I immediately asked the driver to follow them. Then I shouted at them once we were close to them … when they stopped, I jumped out of the taxi and prevented them from leaving. I made them sit in the taxi till the police came and apprehended them.”

A ruling will be heard on July 30.

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