Break The Discouraging Thoughts And Prove Ladies can Travel Alone!

It is a challenge for girls to decide on traveling alone! Though our society advanced with several developments, we stay bound with our traditional culture. As per the society, a girl must travel with a male partner, let be her brother, father or husband. Such thought generates because of concerns for the safety of the girls. The male-dominating society thinks, women are weak and will be unable to face challenges in the world all alone. It’s time for the ladies to prove you are not less than any boy and you can travel alone across the globe. You need to break such discouraging thoughts of society.

The travel club for women

The World at Her Feet is a dedicated travel club that organizes adventure trips for women. We help the ladies to explore the world without any involvement of men or male travel partner in the trip. Our travel club is completely women oriented, and we give high efforts to maintain safety and convenience of our travelers. Travelling in our group, you will be able to boost up your confidence level. You can independently travel the world without any restrictions. We strongly recommend every woman should travel alone once in life. “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page!” You must have the confidence to read the full book!

Make this a memorable trip traveling with like-minded ladies

Join our women’s travel group and travel with likeminded ladies. We invite courageous ladies who have a strong will to live life in own way! You need not worry about the arrangements for the trip. We will plan the entire trip for you. You just need to pack your bags and set out on the trip. The entire trip is well-planned by ladies. From the time of boarding, we take your entire responsibility! You have special arrangements for travel, accommodation, and food. We even organize women-centric programs to keep you enthralled throughout the trip.  The Women’s group trip is open to all ladies who are 25 years old and above.

We design the Travel packages for women depending on the destinations to visit. You have the flexibility to select the destinations. If you have an engraved desire to visit any particular destination in any part of the world, just share it with us. We will fulfill your desires to explore the particular place. The expenses of special Travel packages for ladies include the expenses of air travel, on-road travel, food, accommodation and other events. You can join the group with your mother, sister or your friend.

We give high priority to your safety

We give highest efforts to plan the Ladies special tours to fill it with adventures and excitement. Your travel group will get guided by lady guide, the cabs will get driven by lady drivers, and you will get attended by lady staffs for every requirement. Though we prevent any involvement of men in the trip, we give high priority to your safety. Contact us for further assistance and make your queries. Visit

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