BREAKING: Backed by Arab Coalition’s forces, fighters jets, Yemeni Army and Resistance take control of strategic locations in Taiz, Lahej, 25 Houthis killed

Wed 27-06-2018 22:43 PM

ADEN, 27th June, 2018 (WAM) — Backed by the forces and fighter jets of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, the Yemeni army and joint resistance took control of strategic locations from the grip of the Houthi militias loyal to Iran on the Haifan and Tor Al Baha fronts amid field advance in the Qbeita front in Taiz and Lahej Governorates in surprising military operations that destroyed the fortifications and defences of the militias and disrupted their ranks.

With support of the Arab Coalition, the pro-government forces in Aden liberated the strategic Jabal al-Halqum in Haifan front, south of Taiz, Al Karb, Sbeet, and Rakiza mountains in Tor Al Baha.

Meanwhile in the Qbeita front, north of Lahej, the forces are advancing to liberate Jalis Mountain from the grip of the militia which dealt painful blows.

The Yemeni army and resistance forces launched a qualitative attack on the positions of the Houthis that resulted in the killing of 26 Houthis following the confrontations and air raids launched by the Arab Coalition fighter jets on their assemblies and sites, which are being taken as points to deliver military reinforcements and send their militants to the collapsed fronts.

By liberating the Karb and Sbeet Mountains, the pro-government forces have taken control of a large number of villages and areas of Tor Al Baha District, north of Lahej, where weapons and munitions were found in the liberated positions following the escape of Houthi militiamen.

The forces continue to advance towards the strongholds of the Houthi militias in Saada Governorate to tighten the screws on the rebels and besiege them on various battlefronts.

WAM/Hazem Hussein/Tariq alfaham

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