British tourist pays Lamborghini fines

Pays police Dh123,000, but hasn’t paid the rent-a-car owner for the use of the vehicle yet

The tourist driving on Shaikh Zayed Road in a rented Lamborghini Huracan accumulated 33 nes aer being caught speeding by 33 radars between 2.31am and 6.26am on July 31.

Dubai: A British tourist, who racked up around Dh170,000 in traffic fines, paid up Dh117,380 after Dubai Police offered a 50 per cent discount on the speeding fines and impounding fees, Gulf News has learnt.

The 26-year-old tourist paid Dh66,880 as speeding fines and Dh50,500 as impounding fees after reaching a settlement with police.

On July 30, the man rented a yellow Dh1.3-million Lamborghini Huracan and then drove on Shaikh Zayed Road at speeds as high as 231km/h, racking up Dh170,000 in speeding fines and impounding fees in a span of just under four hours.

Between 2.31am and 6.26am on July 31, the tourist tripped 33 speed radars on the road, incurring 33 fines as a result.

On Thursday morning, the tourist met Mohammad Ebrahim, manager of Saeed Ali Rent-a-Car, at the traffic department of Dubai Police to reach a settlement.

“We suffered recently because the car was with him, but we reached a settlement to return his passport, but told him that he needed to pay the fines first,” Ebrahim said.

During the meeting, the tourist showed regret for causing the problem and told police officers that he couldn’t resist the temptation of speeding in the Lamborghini Huracan.

Ebrahim said that the tourist had possession of the luxury car from July 30 to August 16 and still needs to pay the rent for 16 days.

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