Broker offers Dh150,000 in bribe for his release

Suspect denies offering bribe to policeman who apprehended him after raid on his villa

Dubai: A commercial broker has been accused of offering Dh150,000 in bribe to a drug enforcement officer to release him following his arrest in a drug raid, a court heard on Monday.

Drug enforcement officers were said to have raided the residence of the 27-year-old British broker searching for drugs in his villa in Jumeirah in November.

Following the drug raid, the Briton was taken into custody and made to sit in the back seat of a police car, according to records, before a policeman sat beside him.

While the police patrol was heading to the police station, the Briton was believed to have offered to pay up to Dh150,000 to the policeman to have him released.

Prosecutors accused the British suspect of offering bribe to a drug enforcement officer to refrain from doing his job [apprehending him] and let him go.

The suspect pleaded not guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

“I didn’t do so,” the suspect told presiding judge Urfan Omar.

His lawyer asked presiding judge Omar to adjourn the case until he prepares his defence argument when the court reconvenes on June 21.

The policeman told prosecutors that the incident happened after searching the Briton’s villa.

“A team was commissioned to search the suspect’s residence for drugs. We took the suspect into custody and made him sit in the back seat of the police car. I sat beside him while my colleagues sat in the front. Chatting with me in English, the suspect offered to pay me Dh50,000 if I allow him to go … I disregarded him at first. Then he told me that he would pay me Dh100,000 if I let him go … then he raised the amount to Dh150,000 and told me to stop at the nearest bank, from where he would withdraw the cash and pay it to me if I let him go. I reported the matter to my superiors,” the policeman told prosecutors.

The Briton was cited as telling to prosecutors that he offered to pay the policeman money to release him following his arrest because he possessed and consumed methamphetamine.

The suspect is also being tried for possessing and consuming methamphetamine before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court.


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