Building Facilities Manager – Sundus Recruitment and Outsourcing Services – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

To Lead and manage Smart and Green Building initiatives.
To lead, manage and execute new construction project.
To manage MOB operational expenditures and building projects.
To Manage all corrective, preventive and new activities/tasks under Main office building “MOB” including tenants following best practice method.
To Manage all Security activities under MOB including SOC room operation.
Improve and update all necessary documents for MOB maintenance and construction.
Building Facilities processes /forms Automation.
Smart and safe Building approach.
Adapt existing Building Facilities programs to meet organization’s needs.
Plan and manage MOB accommodation, partitioning, office set up/changed/decommissioning, reparations, enhancements and upgrades.
Approve all furniture requirements within MOB, including maintenance and repairs, replacement, storage and stock control.
Approve MOB repairs in accordance with prescribed process & procedures.
Plan and manage of the Parking facility internal and external in line with tenancy contracts.
Plan and manage of all furniture and equipment stores. Ensuring safe storage and up to date stock records. Disposal of non-repairable furniture/equipment approved by the business.
Ensure (PDF & Auto CAD) drawings are up to date.
Plan and manage MOB space utilization and cost efficiency. Ensure Office space capacity availability is always up to date and accurate.
Ensure MOB Tenants records are up to date and prompt resolution to any issues/requests raised.
Plan and manage a Quarterly Capacity Plan showing occupancy levels and capacity available.
Manage with DC team for MEP support for mechanical, electrical and plumbing issues. Establish and agree support arrangements (OLAs) to support your requirements for your clients.
Search and estimate design costs including equipment, installation, labour, materials, preparation, and other related costs.
Create and manage criteria and performance specifications for facilities and equipment required to meet unique operating requirements and building safety codes.
Ensure proper maintenance of all machines and equipment to avoid downtime and ensure all safety equipment is in good orders at all time.
Plan and manage good safety and housekeeping practices among employees.
Plan and manage to carry out fire drills, ensuring adequate health and safety personnel exist and are trained. Carry out fire drills as required by the business.
Approve all Permit To Work “PTW” to all 3rd party contractors.
Adapt and follow the best practice method for civil defence certification.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2020-05-20
Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Information Technology
Company Industry: IT Services

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Degree: Bachelor’s degree

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