Car on fire near Dubai’s Trade Centre

Dubai: Motorists experienced heavy delays during their commute on Wednesday morning after a car caught fire on Zabeel Street.

The accident happened at 7.46am on Zabeel Street, bringing traffic to a halt near the Trade Centre Roundabout.

A team of firefighters and a police patrol rushed to the scene, and managed to put out the fire before the flames spread and caused any further damage.

Gulf News previously reported that the leading causes for car fires are improper maintenance of electrical systems, illegal modifications to the vehicle and smoking inside the car.

Collision between vehicles was also a cause for fire incidents.

According to Dubai Civil Defence, fires can be prevented by carrying out regular maintenance of the vehicles, regularly monitoring the car’s water and temperature levels, closing the fuel tank cap tightly to avoid leakage, and not smoking inside the vehicle.

Officials at Civil Defence also warned to turn off the engine when filling the fuel tank, and not to leave flammable material or aerosol cans in the car.

What to do in a car fire

Trying to escape from a burning vehicle is a challenge that requires fast thinking.

1. Stay as calm as you can. The worst possible thing that you can do is panic. Panic will cause you to waste precious seconds and make mistakes that could end up being tragic.

2. If the vehicle is moving, signal and move to the side of the road.

3. Get everyone out of the vehicle safely.

4. Turn off the ignition.

5. Put the vehicle in parked gear or set the emergency brake.

6. Move at least 30 meters away. Keep traffic in mind and keep everyone together. There is not only danger from the fire, but also from other vehicles moving in the area.

7. Warn oncoming traffic.

8. Notify emergency services ‘999’ from a safe distance.

9. Do not go back into a burning vehicle.

10. Do not open the hood or trunk if you suspect a fire under it. Air could rush in, enlarging the fire and leading to injury.

11. Be cautious of attempting to put out the fire yourself; there is a risk of explosion and toxic fumes emanating from vehicles fires. Inhalation of toxic fumes is the most common form of fire-related death.

12. If the fire is relatively small and in the interior, use your extinguisher. If there is a small amount of smoke coming from under the hood, pop the release but don’t lift the hood. Quickly spray through the gap, from several feet away, aiming at the base of the fire rather than the flames.

Source: Road Safety UAE


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