Celebrities show support for Saba Qamar after pictures go viral

Celebrities showed their support for the actress as she was being trolled on social media for images of smoking


Once again, a Pakistani actress is being trolled online for leaked pictures depicting her smoking and wearing a see-through shirt.

After images of actress Mahira Khan, sporting a backless dress and smoking with Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor circulated on social media, Khan received a flood of backlash. Now, another Pakistani actress, Saba Qamar has found herself in a similar situation.

Twitterati were quick to bash Qamar after images of her taken at behind the scene of a recent photoshoot went viral on social media. In the pictures, the actress is seen in a translucent top and holding a cigarette.

Despite the backlash, Qamar has chosen to remain silent on the matter. However, her celebrity friends were quick to show their support.

Actor Osman Khalid Butt @Aclockworkobi who has previously worked with Qamar, took to Instagram and expressed his dismay at the situation: “Just heard about the all-too-familiar misogynistic, repulsive rhetoric that’s swept the nation once BTS pictures from Saba’s photoshoot were leaked (without her consent). First: you do not… with Saba Qamar. Period. Second: For the love of God, stop looking for every excuse to drag your icons down. Third: STOP sharing these images/videos and stop commenting on them. If you want to speak out, speak out against the jahalat [ignorance] of whoever did this just for social media infamy.”

Adnan Siddiqui @adnansid1, who has also previously co-starred with Qamar, took to the platform and wrote: “Came through what’s being called BTS images of my colleague and a friend #SabaQamar’s recently done photoshoot which is spreading on social media like wildfire, I’m deeply saddened by this act, this is not us and we shouldn’t take pride in it in any manner! I totally condemn this and wouldn’t want to highlight the name of a man behind it but I’m not going to work for with him or anything associated with him ever! #support #friendship #pakistanshowbiz #Colleague #together #pakistan.”

Another actor, Aijaz aslam @aijazzaslamofficial on Instagram, posted: “Today I feel sad that a colleague and one of the finest actors of Pakistan is being exploited by someone for a cheap publicity stunt… it was just a simple BTS (behind the scene) video during a photoshoot from which the screenshots were taken and made viral on social media… It’s disgusting that people can go upto any extent for cheap publicity… Saba you are a superstar and don’t let these haters demotivate you….”

On Twitter, Qamar’s fans and supporters had similar sentiments.

Tweep @SirJohnRoe highlighted her acting skills: “Saba Qamar is hands down the best actress in Pakistan right now. Everything else is irrelevant. Bye.”

Twitter user @wakistani suggested that people have double standards when it comes to judging celebrities: “Desis will have Lana Del Rey smoking as their lockscreen [image] and will shame Saba Qamar and Mahira khan for it… the irony…”

Women in Pakistan, especially in rural areas have smoked shisha traditionally called “hookah” for centuries. However, in recent times and in more cosmopolitan areas of the country, smoking has developed a strong stigma.


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