Change in Yemen driven by ordinary people determined to build a better future

Sun 26-08-2018 17:04 PM

ADEN, 26th August, 2018 (WAM) — While military operations are measured by the liberation of towns under Houthi control, the pace of change in Yemen is being driven by ordinary people.

Speaking to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, local Yemenis spoke of their relief at being free from Houthi oppression and of how the efforts of the legitimate Yemeni government and the Arab Coalition are helping to improve the situation in the country.

A resident in Aden told WAM, “I lived here in the time of the Houthis, during the war. There were snipers up in the mountains. It was a very dangerous situation.”

The Head of Security at Aden International Airport said that while the security situation in Aden and other provinces is still not 100%, it is getting better.

These comments were echoed by a hotel manager in Aden, who said, “The situation is generally okay. Sometimes there are issues, but since we opened we haven’t had any. Customers are coming in and out without any concerns.”

Across the country, life is returning to the most devastated areas, literally emerging from the rubble.

Off the coast, Coalition forces are clearing the sea lanes of Houthi mines, ensuring local fishermen can once again set sail.

In remote villages, humanitarian aid is reaching those in need, supporting local efforts to help the displaced.

One of the displaced in the town of Al Shujairah told WAM, “We fled here from Al Durayhami. We were under rocket attack by Houthi militia there – bang bang bang. But now we have a house that we can sleep safely in. Everything is much better.”

A Yemeni driven peace is the goal, and with that goal comes a renewed determination to make a difference and make it now.

WAM/Hazem Hussein/Tariq alfaham

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