Chemistry comes to life as Nobel Museum reopens in Dubai

Dubai: The 4th annual Nobel Museum Museum opened at Dubai’s City Walk on Sunday morning. 

Launched by the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF) in association with the Nobel Museum in Sweden, the 2018 edition of the museum brings the field of Chemistry into the limlight under the theme “The Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Connecting Elements.”

Jamal Bin Huwaireb, MBRF’s CEO said the exhibition, organised in five different sections, aims to inspire younger generations through its focus on the discoveries made by Nobel Prize laureates in Chemistry.

“The interactive museum supports our mission in organizing initiatives that disseminate knowledge and encourage youth to embrace innovation and creativity,” said Bin Huwaireb

“This year, we have highlighted the achievements of Arab and Muslim chemists, who played a key role in establishing the foundations of this science.”

He said the museum will include various activities and programmes that aim to enhance the desire for knowledge and creativity, especially among the younger generation.

While Dr Olov Amelin, director of the Nobel Museum in Sweden said the museum this year has been organised in memory of Egyptian chemist Ahmed Zewail and underlies the rile chemistry can play in addressing the problems humanity faces today.

on the discoveries made by Nobel Prize laureates in chemistry, particularly underlining the role that these discoveries — as well as other achievements by Nobel Prize winners — play in improving people’s lives.

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