Child filmed driving at 200km/h

Manama: Footage of a child driving a Lexus at more than 200km/h has sparked angry reactions in Saudi Arabia.

Social media users called for the arrest of the person who allowed him to drive and for confiscating the car to help fight the growing phenomenon of children driving at dangerously high speeds.

The 34-second clip showed the young driver holding the steering wheel tightly as he was filmed by the front seat passenger while a shaila, a poem turned into a song with loud voices, seemed to add wild excitement to the surreal situation.

No details were provided about the clip posted on Monday, which went viral, triggering shock and angry reactions.

“The person who allowed the child to drive should be put behind bars and have his car confiscated,” Abu Saleh, a user, posted. “Driving at dangerous speed is a suicide attempt, let alone when a child is driving.”

Visitor said there can be no tolerance towards of such recklessness.

“This is the most dangerous of reckless behaviour and everyone involved should be punished severely. The state is doing its best, but people need to cooperate, given that children are not really aware of the dangers of high speed,” he said.

For Ahmad, the situation was compounded by the playing of loud shaila music.

“The high pitches tend to create an atmosphere where people think everything is possible and permissible,” he warned.

Villager, another user, agreed and said the shaila was having effects similar to those generated by drugs.

“I am afraid some shailas may cause mental disturbance and generate acts of hostility and antagonism,” he posted.


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