Children walk 10km at night to register case against teacher

Patna: Four students admitted to a residential school in Jharkhand walked 10 kilometres on foot on Saturday night to register a police complaint against their teacher after being badly beaten up. The police have registered a case and begun an investigation.

The schoolchildren enrolled in grades four, five and eight at a private residential school in West Singhbhum district were severely beaten by a teacher on Saturday after a footfall kicked by some students landed near him.

The students said instead of finding out who kicked the ball, the teacher beat up just about everyone even those who were not involved in the game. In a fit of rage, the students then walked to the nearest police station to register a case against their teacher.

“Four children came to us on Saturday night walking 10km from their school to narrate their torture at the hands of a schoolteacher. We have registered the case and further investigation is on,”  local police official Kuldeep Kumar told   media on Monday. He said it was really amazing to see the children in the police station fighting for their rights and honour.

What happened and why?

According to the kids, they were standing in a queue near the school phone waiting for their turn to call their parents when a football landed near them. As they were about to return the ball, the teacher came by and started thrashing them mercilessly. “So we rushed to the police station to register a police case against them,” the kids told the police.

The state has frequently reported torture of students by teachers. Recently, a minor identified as Sujit Munda died after being tortured by his schoolteacher in a Ranchi school.

Earlier in 2011, a student was beaten by a teacher after his feet touched the instructor by mistake. In the same year, another student was beaten in Palamu district for being late to class.

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