Chinese newspaper praises UAE media

BEIJING, 20th July, 2018 (WAM) — Chinese President Xi Jinping’s signed article in two national newspapers in the UAE demonstrates China’s policy of cooperating with the UAE, said editor-in-chief from one of them, saying they feel extremely honored to publish the article that is rich in content and profound in thought, said the People’s Daily Online.

The People’s Daily highlighted the article, titled ‘Working Hand in Hand for a Better Future’, which was published on Wednesday in Al Ittihad and The National, two mainstream newspapers in the UAE, a day before Xi’s state visit to the Arab country.

The Chinese news source quoted Mohammed Ibrahim Ahmad Al Hammadi, Editor-in-Chief of Al Ittihad, as saying that it was the first time for the newspaper to publish an article of a foreign leader in full text.

The newspaper, publishing the article in a full front page, also contains photos of President Xi and a review to his signed article. The headline of the article is in bold, and the body is divided into several parts, with each part having a sub-title and a summary, described the People’s daily.

“This is for the readers’ convenience, so that the locals can easily understand the views elucidated by President Xi in the text,” Al Hammadi explained.

“The working team warmly welcomes President Xi’s visit and feels proud of publishing his signed article,” Ali Bin Tamim, Director-General of Al Ittihad noted, saying that they recently devoted pages to cover China’s development achievements in all aspects to create a friendly atmosphere for Xi’s visit.

“This is a great honor of our newspaper,” said Laura Koot, Managing Editor of The National, when talking about Xi’s signed article on his newspaper.

Founded ten years ago, The National is not only a leading English-language newspaper in the UAE, but also a window for foreign readers to get information about the UAE and other Gulf countries. With daily print circulation reaching 65,000, the newspaper’s online version receives about 10 million views each month. Nearly half of its readers are native English speakers outside the Gulf region.

The National’s coverage of Xi’s signed article covers two thirds of the layout, with a bold guide on the front page. “Our newspaper seldom makes banner headlines for signed articles”, said an editor in charge of the newspaper’s editorial page.

The National made blanket coverage of Xi’s visit in recent days, with a front-page article titled ‘Foundations of a great friendship’ covering more than two pages on Tuesday, illustrating the detailed history of the official friendly visit to China paid by the UAE’s Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 1990, People’s Daily continued.

Besides, the middlemost two pages of the Tuesday newspaper was occupied by an editorial titled “Xi Jinping’s state visit will herald a new dawn for the UAE-China relationship” and an expert’s article called “Make no mistake, China’s Belt and Road initiative is a huge opportunity.”

“Xi’s visit is no doubt the biggest news in the UAE recently,” a local journalist told People’s Daily.

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