Citizens from 45 countries can obtain visa on arrival in the UAE

I would like to know if I can get a short-term visit visa to the UAE for my wife and I at arrival. We are Nigerian and live in our home country. If not, what should we do so we can come to the UAE for a visit or to find work? JI, Nigeria

Citizens of about 45 countries can obtain short-term visit/tourist visas on arrival in the UAE, but Nigeria is not on that list, so arrangements must be made before attempting to travel. For a Nigerian it is usually easiest to apply through a travel agent, airline or tour company. Requirements include a passport with at least three months’ validity, a copy of a national identity card, a visa application form, proof of return travel, proof of health insurance and a copy of a bank statement. If applying for a tourist visa, you are likely to be asked to provide confirmation of leave from your employer, and if you do not have a hotel booking, a letter of invitation from your host with their relevant information and proof of their identity. Tourist visas vary in price from Dh330 for short- term single entry to Dh1,750 for a long-term, multiple-entry visa. Applications can be made through the relevant emirate’s immigration department or one of its registered agents. Be aware that companies who handle the processing on your behalf will often charge an additional fee for their service.

I resigned from my work recently, so I have an employment ban of one year. Is this only valid in Dubai or the UAE, or does it apply to the other GCC countries as well? I have the possibility of a job in Qatar and need to know if I will have any problems if I accept it. AS, Dubai

An employment ban of any length of time applies only within the UAE and is not applicable to other GCC countries. This is country-specific only and generally only criminal issues can have consequences in other GCC countries or across international borders, so there will be no ban on taking up employment in Qatar.

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