Cleaner stripped in front of girl, molested her

Girl was going home to eat, when suspect pulled her into vacant flat and molested her

Dubai: A cleaner stood trial in the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday on the charges of forcing a four-year-old girl into a flat where he undressed her and performed an indecent act.

The Emirati girl was said to be playing in the playground in front of the building in Al Muraqqabat where she lives with her family and when she felt hungry, she went into the building to go home in January.

As she was heading to her flat, a 24-year-old Nepalese cleaner grabbed her forcibly, according to records, and took her into a vacant flat that he had been cleaning.

Then he removed his clothes, pleased himself in front of the girl and kissed her before letting her go to her flat.

The girl suffered emotionally and mentally and could not sleep at night, during which she saw bad dreams until her mother realised the weird behaviour and came to know what had allegedly happened, said records.

She reported the matter to the police.

A police patrol headed to the building and apprehended the cleaner after on-site investigation and checking CCTV camera footage.

Prosecutors accused the Nepalese suspect of molesting the minor girl by stripping himself in front of the child, touching himself and then kissing the girl. The suspect pleaded not guilty before the Court of First Instance.

The mother told prosecutors that her daughter came to her at home and she seemed petrified and cried.

“When I asked her what had happened, she told me that the day before, the suspect took her into a flat, removed all his clothes and touched himself in a bad way in front of her … then she told me that he kissed her and allowed her to leave. I had taught my girl never to speak to strangers or accompany them. She told me that when the suspect spoke to her and asked her to go with him, she told him that she was not permitted to speak to strangers and that she did not know him. However, the suspect dragged her into a flat and molested her. That night, she didn’t sleep properly and woke up after a bad dream in which she dreamt that someone wanted to kidnap her,” she testified to prosecutors.

The building’s Pakistani security guard told prosecutors that the CCTV footage showed the suspect and the girl in front of the flat where the incident had happened.

A policeman testified to prosecutors: “The footage of surveillance cameras only showed the suspect walking near the girl and speaking to her before they disappeared from the camera. We apprehended the suspect.”

A ruling will be heard on March 12.


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