Clerk steals Dh2.1m and sends it to family

Suspect took co-worker by surprise when he went to toilet and walked away with moneybag

Dubai: A clerk has been accused of taking his co-worker by surprise and stealing a bag containing Dh2.1 million that he had kept with him when he went to toilet.

The Pakistani clerk and his co-worker, who worked at a money exchange house, were said to have been commissioned by their boss to collect extra cash from other branches of the exchange for their branch that had been run short of it in March.

The co-worker after collecting Dh2.1 million from different branches of the exchange house across Dubai, gave the money bag to the 35-year-old Pakistani clerk, according to records, and went to a toilet in a shopping mall.

As the co-worker returned from the toilet, he found the clerk missing along with the moneybag.

The co-worker informed his manager about the incident, who reported the matter to the police that apprehended the clerk.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of stealing Dh2.1 million from his workplace that had been kept with him by his co-worker.

The suspect pleaded guilty when he appeared in the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

However, he contended before presiding judge Urfan Omar that the money that he took was less than Dh1 million.

The manager of the money exchange told prosecutors that when their branch ran short of cash, he tasked the suspect and his co-worker to collect extra cash from other branches.

The suspect was cited admitting to prosecutors that after they collected the cash, he walked away with the moneybag.

He said that once his co-worker entered the washroom, he walked away with bag, gave it to his relative in Jebel Ali and asked him to deliver the money to his family.

The 35-year-old suspect told prosecutors that he carried out the heist on his own and nobody assisted him.

Presiding judge Omar adjourned the case until lawyer of the money exchange lodges a civil lawsuit against the suspect on June 4.

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