Co-worker accused of groping sleeping waitress

Suspect arrested after woman wakes up and recognises him as he tries to flee bedroom

Dubai: A worker has been accused of entering the bedroom of five women while drunk and groping one of them, a court heard on Wednesday.

In the August incident, a Filipina waitress, who shared the bedroom with four women at a workers’ accommodation, was sleeping when she woke up suddenly to a hand touching her.

She jumped out of bed and saw her 26-year-old Pakistani co-worker running out of the bedroom.

She woke up her roommates and reported the matter to the police at 12.30am.

The accommodation’s watchman found the worker and handed him over to police. He told police that he was drunk and had entered the bedroom by mistake.

Prosecutors charged him with drinking, trespassing and groping the woman.

The accused pleaded not guilty before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday. “I did not grope the woman. I was drunk and walked into the wrong room,” he told presiding judge Arafa Mohammad.

The waitress told prosecutors that she was asleep when the man molested her. “I am used to covering my face with a pillow when I sleep. When I felt a hand groping my top… I removed the pillow and recognised the suspect thanks to a beam of light coming through the window. When he realised that I had woken up, he ran out of the room. I woke up my roommates and told them what he had done. When police came, the watchman helped them find the suspect,” she said.

A policeman told prosecutors that the watchman found the suspect in the stairway.

A ruling will be heard on October 14.

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