Company demands visa expenses after Indian worker rejects job

I was interviewed for and offered a job while in the UAE on a tourist visa. I then returned to India and the company sent me an offer letter, dated August 25, which I signed, and they told me they would process my visa. They later told me about the hours for the job, which were not convenient for me, but they would not make any changes. So, that same day, I sent them an email to say I could not join them and asked them not to apply for a visa. They then told me that they would not accept this and that they had already processed the visa and I would have to pay their expenses. What can I do, as I do not want the job? SW, India

As SW has not entered the UAE or undergone a medical examination, he does not have a residency visa. The employer has applied for an employment visa only, essentially an entry visa. This permits a person to enter the UAE only and they must then undergo a medical examination before the can be given a full residency visa plus a labour card. Both are required for a person to work in the UAE. The entry visa is valid for 60 days only and will then lapse. The responsibility for paying for all visa fees for employees lies with the employer, and they may not ask an employee to pay for this no matter the circumstances.

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