Press Releases Makes Local Search More Easy Than Ever! makes life much easier for UAE people with its interesting functionalities.

Launched by Etisalat Information Services and Eniro, is the new local search application that allows you to search for great local places close to you. The mobile application is also one of the new ways to connect businesses to customers. Users can find hotels, restaurants, salons, petrol stations, dentists, clinics, advertising agencies, abaya shops, building material suppliers, compute repair services, medical center, lawyers, pet shops, car rental services and much more. offers detailed business information to customers, even on to the go! So, now its easy for users to make locate places and make decisions in real time. The local search tool helps customers to access business listings anytime, from anywhere! Featuring more than 10,000 of business listings, is all what you need to make your local needs simpler.

Key product features

The new application is compliant with both iOS and Android devices. includes features specifically designed to give you maximum support to help you find places and reach you detination safely.

Access On-to-go:

Until now, you only referred yellow pages or local guides to find interesting place.With, searching for local places is simple. It can be accessed on the go!

Quicker response time:

When you search for any business on the local search business app, you will recieve quick response and it will provide you with results considering your current location or the location you have entered.

Saves information of your favorite destination:

You wish to save information of your favorite place, allows you to send message the details on your phone so that you do not need to search for the same information again. It’s that easy

Always up-to-date: keeps its business listings up-to-date and aims to deliver accurate information so that users do have look for any other sources.

Complete information right on your device:

View address, phone number, services/products offered by a particular business, website URL, hours of operation with the help of

Increased flexibility:

Relevancy, Distance and Popularity are the three features that help you to sort the long list of results and saves your precious time.

Get connected through call: gives you the freedom to connect with businesses easily through click to call function. allows users to search for any local place right on your mobile. With access to a growing business listings, users can immediatelt start searching for th next destination they would like to explore. The goal is to bring the best of local search service to users and make it easy for users to explore places you have never seen before.



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