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Constumer Retention and Loyalty Programs for all Businessess in Dubai

Retain your Customers and Increase Sales for your business in Dubai with itreat card.

itreat card is an emerging customer engagement platform in Dubai also called as cutomer loyalty program or customer retention program for all kind of businesses in Dubai. itreat is focusing on increasing the sales by bringing customers again and again to your stores to avail your service and so itreat is one of the leading Discount offers and Loyalty program providers in Dubai. By being a part of itreat or registering with itreat you will get a free exposure of your business across Dubai without spending a single money for advertising.

Consumer loyalty programs Dubai: itreat card is one of the leading and emerging consumer loyalty program in Dubai, we can not say that itreat is exactly a consumer loyalty program because it is more than that. itreat offers businesses in the following categories to register with itreat and avail free listing.


  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Beauty Salons
  • Health care industry
  • Leisure
  • Retail Shops
  • Service Companies

The business firms across Dubai in these categories may register their business with the itreat card for free and can avail the benefits of best customer loyalty schemes to gain more customers and drive more sales. So considering itreat customer retention platform as one of the best Consumer loyalty programs you can bring more sales and increase your revenue.

By registerng your business with itreat card your brand will accessible to the thousands of itreat card app users and you sholud give good discounts for purchase with your business.  And the itreat card or app holders will know about your deals and offers and they will reach you to avail the best deals from you. If once a user visit your store and make a purchase with itreat card then he/she will get the direct discounts and they will reffer your store to their friends by referring through social media platforms. Thus your brand will get more publicity and exposure without spening any money for advertising. And the major thing is that you will get your customer behavioural report in a weekly or monthly basis by analyzing this you can create customized campaigns to make them to visit you again.

Register your business with itreat for free –


About Author

itreat is a brand new solution for all your SALE needs. Our aim is to create a brand new discount system in which hundreds of merchants come together to pass on savings and discounts to their customers. By bringing together customers and merchants on a single platform, we ensure everyone gets the best. While merchants who register with us report sudden increase in sales and more frequent repeat sales by existing customers, our customers convey savings like never before. Register with us and take your business to the next level.

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