Credit Risk Manager – Saudi Arabia

1. Ensuring and applying as per KSA rules and regulations and Bank policies and procedures,
2. Obtaining all required information and documents, and checks required by the Saudi Arabian-Know Your Customer regulations are implemented and annual customer due diligence information and documentation are dully submitted’
3. Assessing loan applications of customers submitting them to the Branch Credit Committee, finalizing them, and transferring those exceeding the limits of Branch authority to the relevant Department,
4. Examining the financial statements and other credit-related information of customers to assess the risk involved in lending money and determining the creditworthiness of customers’
5. Assessing the appropriateness of customer collaterals in accordance with the Bank’s rules, ensuring required enquirers and valuations are duly completed, and the required data are input to the system by the operations department to enable the Branch solicitors pursuing setting or removing appropriate charges, pledges, and mortgages on such collaterals; ensuring monitoring collateral value changes and taking necessary actions in time in order to avoid any collateral deficiency,
6. Entering credit proposals of customers, and arranging all collections regarding loans and other product services such as instalments, principal repayments, interest, commissions, fees, etc.,
7. Ensuring all assessments are made and all necessary actions are taken to initiate or continue loan relationship with the customer; ensuring all relevant enquirers are made in regards to the customers whom a loan relationship is planned to be established or have been continued,
8. Informing customer on the loan conditions, ensuring that collateral and other required documentation is obtained with agreed conditions, and conforming all relevant checks are made on those documents before the loan is made available,
9. Taking part in Branch Credit Committee, and fulfilling tasks assigned by the committee,
10. Regularly monitoring customers portfolio with loan facilities, and make general and market enquirers with a view to their creditworthiness, and ensuring necessary actions are taken for those who lose creditworthiness or facing such possibility in the near future,
11. Ensuring transactions such as allocation, renewal, transfer, introduction or change of condition (term, interest rate, installment reprieve, early/interim payment, etc.) or collateral, reprieve and extension of term, etc., as requested by the portfolio customers are realized in line with the Bank’s rules,
12. Preparing assessment reports about our Bank’s customers for their companies/loans analysis or project analysis in compliance with the applicable legislation, regulations, and relevant Department’s instructions,
13. Prepare reports that include the degree of risk involved in extending credit or lending money.
14. Evaluate customer records and recommend payment plans based on earnings, savings data, payment history, and purchase activity.
15. Complete loan applications, including credit analyses and summaries of loan requests, and submit to loan committees for approval.
16. Generate financial ratios, using computer programs, to evaluate customers’ financial status.
17. Review individual or commercial customer files to identify and select delinquent accounts for collection.
18. To ensure loan recovery in order to minimize non-performing loans.
19. To ensure loan facilities are released on time.
20. Ensure compliance with the Bank’s Credit Policy, Procedures
21. Ensure all applicants are advised on fate of applications within reasonable time.
22. Proactively manage risk /exposure for assigned portfolio continuously
23. Ensure recovery of items pledged as security on delinquent loans.
24. Obtaining from all customers, in accordance with the KYC-Know Your Customer regulations and local legislation for any newly acquired customer, the compulsory information, documentation and returns which are required to be submitted periodically,
25. Ensuring that charges, mortgages, pledges, etc., are set on collateral which have been already valued and approved, or such encumbrances are removed,
26. Providing information to the Head Office on trade finance products, practices, and legislation with a view to increase the volume of trade finance by our Bank,
27. Ensuring all aspects of enquirers/instructions received from portfolio or potential customers on products and services (including all steps of loan management i.e. customer correspondence, application, analysis, approval, follow up, structuring and management of loans – personal, corporate, project finance, secondary market and structured loans etc- , all trade finance products i.e L/C, L/G, documentary collection, reimbursement claims and related checks) are responded and met within the deadlines and limits.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-02-18
Job Location: Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Finance and Investment
Company Industry: Banking

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Nationality: Saudi Arabia

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