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Dalma Mall teams up with Abu Dhabi Centre for special needs to celebrate Deaf Week

Abu Dhabi, April, 2015: Dalma Mall – One of the most preferred shopping, retail and entertainment destinations in Mussafah – Abu Dhabi recently celebrated The Week of the Deaf in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Centre for Special Needs, with an event as part of its CSR duties. Resonating with the core truth that people with disabilities are human, and have human rights, too, the aim of the initiative was to strengthen and celebrate the awareness of this fact, and to spread and integrate values of equality among people in general.

At Dalma Mall, the focus on the CSR is not ancillary to the main aims, but rather, one of the core values that form a large part of Dalma Mall’s overarching mission and philosophy. The initiative is driven by the need to support and serve the community not only inside the mall but also outside it.  Dalma Mall believes firmly in the fact that we are all a part of this community and society and we consider ourselves responsible for its development, care and well-being.

On April 19, 2015, an event was held in the premises of Dalma Mall from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. The event brought together the experts from the Abu Dhabi Centre for Special Needs, alongside people with special needs themselves.

Speaking about the event, , Ms. Aysha Al Mazrouei, Government & Public Relations Manager at Dalma Mall said, “It is important that we not only recognize all people, but extend that recognition through inclusive activities by blending them into the mainstream. Among the many people it helps and serves, the Abu Dhabi Centre for Special Needs also helps people with a hearing impairment.”

It is our great honour and pleasure to stand alongside the Centre, to put together this event for people with a hearing impairment. In the days to come, we hope to expand the scope of our work in the Corporate Social Responsibility side.”  She added.

Dalma Mall has the distinction of being a hotspot for shopping and culinary adventures in Abu Dhabi. One of the most prominent centers in the region, the Mall has stood tall among its competitors in the market for its stellar achievements and its many accolades.



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